5 Pillars Of Your True Happiness.

People must optimize “five essential elements” of their lives to be truly happy:

  1. “Career well-being” – How you prioritize your work time.
  2. “Social well-being” – How you find and maintain love and strong social relationships.
  3. “Financial well-being” – How you manage your money.
  4. “Physical well-being” – How you maintain your health.
  5. “Community well-being” – How you integrate with the people around you.

Individuals who try to improve only one or two of these areas can’t achieve happiness.

Only 7% of people have optimized their lives in all aspects of well-being.

People often opt for short-term satisfaction instead of long-term well-being.

Develop constructive routines – “positive default” positions – so your immediate actions offer benefits over the long haul.

Career satisfaction has the greatest impact on your happiness.

Good social relationships help you endure psychological stress.

Your body does not function well without proper food, drink, exercise and sleep.

Doing things for others increases your confidence in your ability to change your life.

A loving relationship makes you stronger and healthier.

The best way to establish complete well-being is to make sure that your “short-term self” supports your “long-term self.”


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5 Pillars Of Your True Happiness.
5 Pillars Of Your True Happiness.
What the five vital elements of well-being are and how to improve your life in all these essential areas. How to be "truely happy."

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