Thrive Diet. Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, Stay Healthy & Happy.

Thrive Diet. Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, Stay Healthy & Happy.
Learn how the Thrive Diet can maintain your weight and health. Know what this diet says you need to eat to lose weight, reduce stress, and stay healthy.


Stress is harmful to your health and causes many physiological problems.  You suffer nutritional stress when you eat non-nutritious, refined, processed foods that require maximum energy to digest.

The Thrive Diet is built on high net-gain foods that are:

  • Eaten raw or cooked at relatively low temperatures.
  • Alkaline-producing to improve the body’s important pH balance (an ideal balance is 7.35). The opposite are acid-forming foods such as refined white flour, beef, butter, candy, pasta, poultry, milk, shellfish, soft drinks, and whey and soy protein isolates. An acidic body often leads to obesity and major disease.
  • High in nutrients that the body quickly assimilates.
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Easier to digest. They do not overly stimulate the body as sugary treats do.

Whole-plant-based foods that are alkaline-forming, highly nutritious and easy to digest greatly reduce bodily stress and promote health.  The “Thrive Diet” can eliminate the average person’s stress level by up to 40%.  It provides maximum energy from a minimal amount of food.  With it, you won’t need to count calories.

Start out gradually with the Thrive Diet by adding a few healthy food choices to your daily meals.

  • Make sure you eat enough to match your level of physical activity.
  • Do not substitute nutritional pills for real food.
  • Stay away from denatured food – that is, highly processed and refined.
  • Derive energy from food, not artificial stimulants, such as coffee.
  • Cut back on simple carbohydrates, like most starchy and sugared foods.
  • Consume foods that offer real energy efficiency, not those that require a major energy expenditure to digest.
  • Eat small meals and snacks all day long. This way you will never be too hungry or too satiated.
  • Make and consume your own “raw energy bars.”
  • Many people overeat at dinnertime, a common cause of obesity. To avoid this, eat a filling afternoon snack that contains substantial protein, fiber and high-quality fats.

Instead of three large meals during the day, eat every few hours.  Every day, have a green salad, a raw energy bar, and a nutrition-packed smoothie.  You can stay healthy with only a moderate amount of exercise.



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