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3 Lessons You Can Learn From A Successful Business Woman. How to Become Your Own Role Model.

In a male dominated Arab world, female professionals lack strong female professional mentors. Arab business professionals must be their own role models to become a successful business woman.

“Success is the best revenge,” for a successful business woman.

Leila Hoteit, successful Arab business woman, learned three important success lessons about balancing career and family in a male-dominated culture.

“The professional Arab woman has to somehow maintain the perfect home, make sure that her children’s every need is being taken care of and manage her demanding career.”



#1  Rather than internalize negative messages, let naysayers motivate you to prove them wrong.

“Faced with a patriarchal society, [Arab women] have found that by helping each other out, all benefit.”

#2  Apply your work skills at home. Hire domestic help with the same diligence you would use to hire a colleague. Empower and promote your domestic employees.

“Women continue to advance in the world – not fast enough, but we’re moving.”

#3  Collaborate – rather than compete – with other women. Fostering a robust female network pays dividends. Pay it forward by helping other women advance their careers.



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  • Photo by iStock


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