7 Shopping Hacks To Make You Shop Like An Expert.

7 Shopping Hacks To Make You Shop Like An Expert.
You like to shop?  Amazon, Ebay, Etsy…What’s your favorite store or site?  What do you do to get the best deals ever? How to shop like a pro.

How To Shop Like A Pro

  1.  Shopping online to avoid sales tax in most jurisdictions.
  2. Be a patient shopper. Wait for special deals that let you buy inexpensively.
  3. You can resell items you wait to buy cheaply for more money to underwrite items you want to buy right now.
  4. Take advantage of store rewards programs. Acquire credit cards that offer special features, such as extended warranties.
  5. Take advantage of the Subscribe & Save service at Amazon to receive an extra 5% to 15% discount. If you shop at brick-and-mortar stores, use Amazon’s Price Check tool to compare any retail price with Amazon’s.
  6. Website deals, at times, might seem too good to be true. Vet them carefully; you’ll discover that many are genuine promotions offering notable savings.
  7. Never buy an Apple computer at an Apple store. Except on Black Friday.  Buy your new Mac from an Apple authorized resellers, such as Best Buy. You can also save by buying a used Mac directly from the Apple-Certified Refurbished Mac Department.


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