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Happy Money. How To Make More Money, And Create Happiness.

“Happy money“ leads to contentment and joy, but “Unhappy money” causes fear, pride or resentment.    “Your money – and hence your life – is a reflection of your beliefs about money.”    9 Lessons Of Happy Honey From Ken Honda. Your relationship with money reflects your relationship to life. Emotions drive your reasons for wanting money.  People with a strong “Money... Read More
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Family Caregiver. Taking On Taking Care Of Family.

What is “The Family Caregiver” ? Family caregivers provides legal, health, financial or social assistance in meeting the needs of a relative. Anticipates being the main person who will provide assistance and support when a family member – old or young – loses his or her independence. Helps another person by caring for or assisting their relative or friend. Provides... Read More
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Meaningful Life. 12 Rules To Make The World A Better Place For Yourself And Others.

12 Rules How To Live A Meaningful Life. Rule 1: "Stand Up Straight with Your Shoulders Back” Rule 2: "Treat Yourself Like Someone Who Deserves Your Help”  Rule 3: "Make Friends with People Who Want the Best for You” Rule 4: “Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday, Not to Who Someone Else Is Today” Rule 5: "Do Not Let... Read More
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Leadership For Business. Ultimate Guide To Being A Great Leader.

Leadership For Business. 3 Main Types Of Super Leaders. “Who is the best boss you’ve ever worked for?” “Iconoclasts” – Leaders who have a vision that drives them, include George Lucas and Ralph Lauren. Their all-consuming passion inspires commitment and loyalty. They teach and connect deeply with others. “Glorious bastards” – These leaders, such as Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, may... Read More
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Effective Leadership For Business. Ultimate Guide How To Be An Effective Leader.

  Content Overview For Leadership For Business. 4 Effective Leadership For Business Categories. 4 Cornerstones of Character All Effective Leaders For Business Must Have. 4 Cornerstones Of Competence All Effective Leaders For Business Must Have. Finding The Effective Leadership For Business In The Extreme You. 10 Characteristics Of Effective Leadership For Business. 14 Lessons On Effective Leadership For Business. 9... Read More
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Authentic Leadership For Business In The Modern World. How To Build A Loyal Following.

Why Authentic Leadership For Business Matters More Than Ever. When the world functioned predictably, people felt that “authenticity” meant fulfilling the desire to live according to a set of personal own values and beliefs. Living authentically is more challenging in the 21st century because people don’t reflect on the implications of telling small lies.   How Your Mindset In Authentic... Read More
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Transformational Leadership For Business. Ultimate Guide To Coaching For High Performance.

Transformational “Leadership is critical to…future success. It is like oxygen – without it, you die. As an organization, we don’t want to wonder where our next breath is coming from.” - Mark Miller   4 Transformational Leadership For Business Principles Of Top Performing Organizations. Bet on leadership Act as one Win the heart Excel at execution   Related Video(s) https://youtu.be/n3sEybeRzZI... Read More
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Servant Leadership For Business. Ultimate Guide To Leading With A Purpose To Serve Others.

What It Servant Leadership For Business? Servant leadership is a group-oriented approach to analysis and decision making that strengthens institutions and society, since it does not use profit as the sole motive. Instead, it holds that the "primary purpose of a business should be to create a positive impact on its employees and community." For-profit businesses, not-for-profit businesses and organizations,... Read More
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Adaptive Leadership For Business. 10 Lessons For Shaping An Adaptive Organization.

Adaptive Leadership For Business. The business world is part of a complex adaptive system for adaptive leaders. You cannot precisely predict the future or control developments but you can learn adaptive leadership for business. The world is changing quickly; your organization must be adaptive to survive. Traditional economics views the economic system as a low-energy equilibrium system; today, it is... Read More
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High Blood Pressure Numbers. What They Mean And How To Lower Them.

High Blood Pressure Numbers. High blood pressure usually has no symptoms. Some people with high blood pressure don’t know they have it. Your healthcare provider should check your blood pressure at each office visit. Between doctor visits, get a free blood pressure reading at your local pharmacy or Healthcare Clinic.   What do my blood pressure results tell me? Two... Read More