Love, Sex, & Relationships After COVID-19 Apocalypse. What you need to look for now.

Love, Sex, Relationships After Covid19
What MEN & WOMEN want NOW. How to attract a partner and how to hold on to them after an apocalyptic event like COVID-19.


How Love, Sex, & Relationships Change After An Apocalyptic Event

What we have done in history to improve our chances  with love, sex, and relationships.

  • “Those in our evolutionary past who failed to mate successfully failed to become our ancestors.”
  • Darwin said that “competition for a mate” and “preference for a mate” are the two mechanisms that determine whose genes are passed on to future generations.
  • In ancient times, women needed spouses who could guarantee their survival and that of their offspring. This led them to prefer prosperous, high-status, healthy men.
  • The men who were at an evolutionary advantage chose fertile women as mates. That is why men prefer women who show signs of fertility, such as beauty and youth.
  • In ancient times, short-range sexual relations were sometimes beneficial for women.
  • To attract a mate and oust the competition in the mating market, men and women emphasize those qualities that the other gender prefers in a mate.
  • Humans keep their mates by using the same tactics that first attracted them.
  • Jealousy warns of external threats to a relationship and may trigger protective action.
  • The value of a man as a mate changes less over his lifetime than a woman’s mating value changes over her lifetime, due, in part, to her loss of fertility as she ages.
  • Individual mating choices and behavior hinge on individual situations.


“Love is not a recent invention of the Western leisure classes. People in all cultures experience love and have coined specific words for it.”


What Women Want After COVDI-19 Apocalypse

  • A little older – Age may denote status and resources, though marrying an older man carries the threat of widowhood.
  • “Ambitious and industrious” – Both indicate the probability of resources.
  • “Dependable” – Women want to know they will benefit from the resources.
  • Intelligent – Smart men solve problems, handle money well and empathize better.
  • Compatible – To avoid the costs of conflict, women also seek men who share their values, intelligence and group memberships.
  • Strong, healthy and “high-spirited” – In the past, women needed partners who could protect them. “Disease-prone” men could not. Such men lacked steady resources, passed weak genes to their children and died early.
  • Loving and committed – To reap these potential benefits, women seek devotion.


What Men Want After COVID-19 Apocalypse.

  • “Youth” – Men worldwide say they prefer younger women, perhaps because women become less fertile with age. Globally, most brides are younger than their grooms.
  • “Physical appearance” – A partner’s beauty has always mattered more to men (homosexual or heterosexual) than to women. Society’s list of “beautiful” traits has developed over the centuries based on cues that indicate youth and health: “full lips, clear skin, smooth skin, clear eyes, lustrous hair and good muscle tone.” Men prefer women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7, the standard for healthy, fertile women.
  • “Chastity and fidelity” – The degree to which people want their mates to be virgins varies strongly by culture, but it is always higher in men. To protect procreation, men developed a preference for “premarital chastity” and “post-marital loyalty.”


How To Build A Relationship After COVID-19 Apocalypse.

  • Flaunt wealth and (potential) status – Drive a big car. Brag (lie) about their work.
  • “Display commitment” – Court their mates extensively, be nice and understanding, show fidelity, honesty and affection for kids, and hide any link to another woman.
  • Show off athleticism and strength – In the Yanomamö society, physical prowess directly, positively correlates with a man’s number of wives and kids.
  • “Display bravado and self-confidence” – This serves to impress women and drive away competition.


“Railing against men for the importance they place on beauty, youth and fidelity is like railing against meat eaters because they prefer animal protein. Telling men not to become aroused by signs of youth and health is like telling them not to experience sugar as sweet.”


What Men & Women Must Do Now To Attract A Partner After COVDI-19 Apocalypse

  • Modifying their physique to appear younger and healthier – To this end, women apply rouge and lipstick, color their hair, diet and sunbathe.
  • “Playing hard to get” – Because this reduces the likelihood of affairs, it attracts men who want long-term relationships and “an excellent bargain on the mating market.”
  • “Employing sexual signals” – This is likelier to draw men who want short-term flings.
  • “Acting submissive, helpless and even stupid” – Men find it easier to approach an apparently weak or meek woman, since they anticipate a lower chance of rejection.


What You Have To Do Now To Hold On To Your Partner After COVDI-19 Apocalypse

  • “Emotional manipulation” – Showing sadness or dependency so the mate feels bad.
  • “Public marking” – Introducing the other person as a “spouse or lover,” touching affectionately in public or giving “jewelry that signifies a person is taken.”
  • “Vigilance” – Phoning mates to check on them or reading their correspondence.
  • “Concealing a mate” – Not taking the mate somewhere he or she could meet competitors, or “monopolizing their time” so they don’t get to know possible rivals.
  • “Genital mutilation” – In some countries, tradition allows drastic forms of preventing female infidelity, such as cutting away the clitoris to ruin sexual enjoyment or “sewing shut the labia majora” to hinder intercourse.




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