Live Life With Love. Buddah’s 14 Commandments To The Best Life.

Live Life With Love. Buddah's 14 Commandments To The Best Life.
Improve your life and those around you. Live Life With Love by living Buddah’s 14 commandments to make your world happy, healthy, wealthy, & wise.


How To Live Life With Love.

  1. One’s most valuable asset in life is good health.
  2. One’s worst enemy in life is his/her self.
  3. One’s greatest offering in life is forgiveness.
  4. One’s worst debt in life is unrequited love.
  5. One’s worst failure in life is arrogance.
  6. One’s biggest stupidity in life is his dishonesty and insincerity.
  7. One’s deepest sorrow in life is his jealousy.
  8. One’s worst mistake in life is losing him/her self.
  9. One’s worst sin in life is his un-dutifulness to parents.
  10. One’s most pitiful states of mind in life is his/her inferiority complex.
  11. One’s most admirable achievements in life is rising after a fall.
  12. One’s worst bankruptcy in life is despair.
  13. One’s worst deprivation in life is lack of knowledge & understanding.
  14. One’s greatest comfort in life is helping unlucky people to Live Life With Love





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