Leadership Secrets Of Santa To Deliver Christmas Every Year.

Leadership Secrets Of Santa
Leadership secrets of Santa to help you gather, train and maintain a positive, productive workforce. How to make your team deliver “Christmas.”


Leadership Secrets of Santa that will help you gather, train, and maintain a positive, productive workforce.


7 Leadership Secrets Santa Looks For In His Team.

  1. Stay physically and mentally accessible to their employees.
  2. Listen to their employees’ concerns and are considerate about their needs.
  3. Give their employees resources for success, including training, tools and feedback.
  4. Keep their employees informed and “in the loop.”
  5. Help their employees learn, grow and maintain work-life balance.
  6. Respect their employees’ time, effort and individual talents.
  7. Distribute workloads fairly and evenly.


8 Ways How To Maximize Time, Money, Equipment And Expertise.

  1. Make “to-do lists,” and do the most important tasks first
  2. Start and end meetings on time.
  3. Save by buying in bulk and shopping for materials, supplies, equipment and services. A few pennies saved here and there add up.
  4. “Measure twice, cut once.”
  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Invest in extended warranties.
  6. Allow employees with specific knowledge to make their own decisions.
  7. Find the right fit: Match workers’ skills and interests with the right job.
  8. Encourage professional development and ask employees to share their knowledge.


7 Best Practices To Keep Your High Performers From Falling.

  1. Confront problems early.
  2. Make sure they understand performance expectations.
  3. Provide the training and resources they need.
  4. Give them frequent, specific feedback.
  5. Identify and eliminate obstacles.
  6. “Teach them how to set, manage and achieve goals.”
  7. Help them learn. Partner them with mentors.


7 Tips How To Manage High Performers.

  1. Allow them to make decisions, solve problems, and develop strategies and procedures.
  2. Avoid “micromanaging.”
  3. Encourage them to teach or mentor.
  4. Celebrate their accomplishments.
  5. Provide highly specialized training and professional development.
  6. Be interested in them, professionally and personally.
  7. Make sure they aren’t doing two jobs; hold their co-workers accountable.




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