Improve Your Heart Health. TOP 3 BEST Ways How To Protect Your Heart.

Improve Your Heart Health. TOP 3 BEST Ways How To Protect Your Heart.
Permanently improve your heart health with lifestyle changes. Protect your heart by becoming more active, lose weight, and eat healthy.


Improve Your Heart Health.  How can you live a heart healthy lifestyle To Protect Your Heart. 

1.  Be More Active.

To improve your heart health, try to exercise for about 30 minutes, most days of the week. This can lower your blood pressure, raise your good cholesterol level and lower your bad cholesterol level. It also makes it easier to manage your weight, gives you more energy, helps you cope with stress and helps you sleep better. Check with your healthcare provider before you start any physical activity program. 

2.  Aim For A Healthy Weight To Improve Your Heart Health.

If you are overweight, weight loss can help lower your blood pressure and decrease the burden on your heart and joints. 

3.  Eat A Healthy Diet To Improve Your Heart Health .

This can help you lower both cholesterol and blood pressure. Both saturated fat and trans fat can raise your bad cholesterol level. Choose more heart-healthy fats, such as olive and canola oils. Eat more fiber to help lower your cholesterol. Bake, boil or broil, rather than fry foods. Choose lean cuts of meat and trim any visible fat. Include fish and poultry in your diet at least a few times a week. Limit high-calorie and high-fat desserts. 


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