How To Improve Your Problem Solving Skills For Business.

How To Improve Your Problem Solving Skills For Business.
How to create a successful strategy. What works and what doesn’t work. How scientific thinking can help create a modern business strategy that works.






4 Guidelines how to solve any problem. Improve your problem solving skills.

Apply the process of creating a good strategy based on your company’s individual situation:

  1. The hypothesis
    • Make your strategic hypothesis about something that is vital, crucial, and central to your company. 
    • Solve problems that nobody in your company can solve better than you can and that will make a difference. 
  2. The strategy
    • Create your strategy as a conditional if-then statement. The “if” sets the conditions for the expected result. The “then” sets out the results you expect or hope to achieve. 
    • Treat company problems like a “Science Project.” Be consistent in the process. Plan to evolve and develop your plan until your problem is solved. 
  3. Where to focus, where to defend
    • Determining where your company’s “Pivot” and “Hammer” reside can help you create a stronger strategy.
    • The metaphor comes from military history, wherein the hammer is the place where you concentrate your efforts during a battle, while the pivot is the place where you play defense and hold the line, so you can focus your resources on the hammer. 
    • Prioritize your resources and use good time management practices.
  4. Use complementarity



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