Happy Money. How To Make More Money, And Create Happiness.

Happy Money. How To Make More Money, And Create Happiness.
“Happy money“ leads to happiness, but “Unhappy money” causes fear, pride or resentment. Learn how to make more money happy.


“Happy money“ leads to contentment and joy, but “Unhappy money” causes fear, pride or resentment. 

“Your money – and hence your life – is a reflection of your beliefs about money.” 

9 Lessons Of Happy Honey From Ken Honda.

  1. Your relationship with money reflects your relationship to life.
  2. Emotions drive your reasons for wanting money. 
  3. People with a strong “Money EQ” are trustworthy and generous.
  4. Knowing your type of Money EQ helps you understand your motivations with money.
  5. Link to your past to understand the sacrifices your family made so you can have a better life.
  6. Balance your “stock” of money and your “flow” to take care of yourself and others.
  7. Say “thank you” when the money comes in, and “thank you” when the money goes out.
  8. If everyone tapped into the Happy Money flow, the world would be a happier place.
  9. Become “response-able” – able to respond to whatever life gives you.



6 Categories You May Want Happy Money.

  1. To maintain a basic standard of living – Everyone needs shelter and food, but in a world where people buy almost all their security, determining what is necessary and what is a luxury can be difficult.
  2. To gain power  Wealth brings power, but it can’t purchase love or loyalty. Power gives the illusion of control, but it can trick power-hungry people into seeking more and more.
  3. To get back at others  Some people feel others have wronged them and believe that being well off is the best revenge. They think they are competing with their perceived enemies, but they are competing only against themselves.
  4. To find freedom  True freedom comes from within, not from winning the lottery or getting an inheritance. Never equate a modest bank account with modest freedom.
  5. To gain love and attention  Money can’t buy love. People who buy love fear it will disappear when the money goes. They are right.
  6. To express love and appreciation – You can find many other ways to give that message that don’t involve money. 

“To overcome jealousy, fear, greed and prejudice, we must eliminate the idea of scarcity – the idea that things just aren’t ‘fair’.”

Knowing Your Type Of Money EQ Will Help You Understand Your Motivations With Happy Money.

Once you know who you are, adjust your attitude to become the person you wish to be.

  1. “Compulsive saver – These folks enjoy not spending money. They often come from poor families and fear being poor. They never feel secure and have forgotten their childhood dreams.
  2. “Compulsive spender – These people love to spend money and are fun to be around, but insecure. Many don’t need or enjoy what they buy. 
  3. “Compulsive moneymaker – Those in this category spend all their time making money, but they tell themselves they are doing it for others, not themselves. They crave attention and recognition and feel they never get enough.
  4. “Indifferent to money – Members of this group are usually professionals – doctors, teachers and artists, for example – who care about what they do. They don’t think much of money, but are reasonably well-off.
  5. “Hippie – Individuals in this subset resist being enslaved to money.
  6. “Saver-splurger – These people save diligently, but also may splurge recklessly on something they don’t need and then feel guilty.
  7. “Gambler – Risk-takers get a thrill from winning or losing. They resist boredom at any price.
  8. “Worrier – These fretful folks can’t enjoy their money because they can’t stop worrying about it. They’re negative and fearful.

“Making money means being true to yourself and then being able to share your abilities with the world.” 

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