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Connected World. 10 Facebook Lessons For Its Success.

Facebook starts and ends with founder Mark Zuckerberg’s mission of a connected world. It has a calculated growth strategy and seeks international expansion. Facebook measures growth by engagement rather than metrics. To foster engagement and keep users from “bouncing,” Facebook launched News Feed in late 2006. News Feed puts the entries that matter most to you at the top of... Read More
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Facebook Business Secrets. 5 business and 7 Partnership Guides To Success.

Facebook Business Secrets Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and three friends began “Thefacebook” in 2004. It started as a social networking website for Harvard students, then Ivy League students, then U.S. college students, then everyone. In its first few months, Zuckerberg moved the operation to Silicon Valley. That September, three Harvard students sued Zuckerberg for intellectual property theft. He settled with... Read More
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12 Tips From Steve Jobs How To Turn Your Company Into A Consumer-Product Powerhouse.

Steve Jobs, a visionary, and Steve Wozniak, an engineer, co-founded Apple Computer. Jobs believed Apple should be about products, not profits. Jobs conceived of and developed the Mac computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iTunes. His high-tech companies made their own hardware and software. Jobs’s fundamental product design consideration was, “Will this help the purchaser?” Jobs loved collaboration and abhorred bureaucracy.... Read More
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10 Steps To Dominating The Market – The Age of Amazon.

In 1994, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos moved to Seattle to start an online bookstore. In the beginning, Amazon staff ordered books wholesale from distributors and mailed them to customers. Aided by computer engineers Stan Kaphan and Paul Davis, Amazon went live in 1995. A 1997 IPO raised $54 million, put Amazon in the public eye and boosted sales. Amazon introduced... Read More
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Harley-Davidson’s Ultimate Lean Machine. The Secret To The Legend’s Success.

At the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, rapid innovation is a necessity, not an option.  Their product development process had to be a "Lean Machine" in order to survive and flourish under the company's turbulent history. “Harley-Davidson’s success is attributed to the result of a seasoned management team deeply committed to and in tune with their customers’ dreams”  Creativity flourishes in its... Read More
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How To Engage Your Employees. Develop the Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer Centric Employees.

Walt Disney  and his team created a unique system for training and developing employees. Van France, Disney’s first human resources executive, founded Disney University to teach how to engage your employees and create the "happiest place on earth" to work and play. (more…) Read More