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Secret Art Of The Small Talk. How To Build Networking Skills & Leave A Positive Impression.

Conversation with other people is unavoidable. Learn to enjoy it. Small talk skills will help you become a stronger leader, squelch your fear of unfamiliar social situations and boost your confidence. Step out of your comfort zone by taking a … Read more Read More
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12 Tips From Steve Jobs How To Turn Your Company Into A Consumer-Product Powerhouse.

Steve Jobs, a visionary, and Steve Wozniak, an engineer, co-founded Apple Computer. Jobs believed Apple should be about products, not profits. Jobs conceived of and developed the Mac computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iTunes. His high-tech companies made their own … Read more Read More
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The Introvert’s Guide to Leadership. Why We Need Introverted Leaders.

6 Differences Between Introverts & Extroverts. Introverts reflect first and then speak; extroverts speak immediately. Introverts get energy from solitude; extroverts get energy from other people, though both may need occasional breaks.  Introverts are more restrained; extroverts are more exuberant.… Read more Read More
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7 Secret Mantras Of Effective Leaders.

Becoming an effective leader requires personal growth.  Authentic leaders deliver value to those they lead and influence them positively. Leadership primarily depends on mastering the inner person, not on controlling external circumstances. To become an effective leader, focus on building … Read more Read More
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3 Lessons You Can Learn From A Successful Business Woman. How to Become Your Own Role Model.

In a male dominated Arab world, female professionals lack strong female professional mentors. Arab business professionals must be their own role models to become a successful business woman. … Read more Read More
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How To Engage Your Employees. Develop the Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer Centric Employees.

Walt Disney  and his team created a unique system for training and developing employees. Van France, Disney’s first human resources executive, founded Disney University to teach how to engage your employees and create the “happiest place on earth” … Read more Read More
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How To Become Rich. The Ultimate Guide To Thinking Big And Growing Rich Your Way.

  The odds that you will become rich are 1 in 19. The chances are on your side. Start thinking big and grow rich by making more money your way. … Read more Read More