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No Paine No Gain. Learn How To Make More Money From A Mom.

From Crystal Paine’s MoneySavingMom.com blog – a popular personal finance site – offers instructions on how to pinch pennies, spend wisely and make money from home. Income-earning ideas live at the intersection of your “skills, talents, passion and knowledge.”   If you’re … Read more Read More
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10 Reasons Why Your Credit Score Is Like Your Report Card Of Life.

A low credit score can cost you thousands of dollars. Even one late payment can badly damage your score. Insurance companies and landlords use credit scores to evaluate applicants. Credit bureau-based scoring systems, which lenders began using in the mid-1980s, … Read more Read More
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3 Secrets To Car Buying The Automobile Industry Does NOT Want You To Know.

Car buying is an exciting yet scary experience. You want to find the best deal without sacrificing the car you need and or want. Here are some ProTips to get you into your new ride: Join an organization whose members … Read more Read More
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Understanding the Report Card of Life. Your Credit Score in 5 Parts.

What makes up your credit score.  FICO’s formula takes into account these five factors in calculating your credit score. The percentages in parentheses indicate the weight of the factor in the overall score:   Payment history (35%) Do you pay … Read more Read More
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3 Ingenious Ways How To Travel Like A Boss.

You can score lounge access with a first- or business-class international ticket, with paid membership, or with a credit card that gives you elite status. American Express’s Premier Rewards Gold Card and its Business Gold Rewards Card offer three … Read more Read More
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4 Credit Fixes To My Great Financial Depression. How To Bail Out Your Own Financial Meltdown.

Many of us  live paycheck to paycheck with little or no savings, disaster lurks just around the corner. With unemployment or illness it can make covering even minimum credit obligations impossible. Here are 4 credit fixes that can help bail … Read more Read More
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3 Ways How To Improve Your Credit Score. How To Improve Your Life Report Card.

Improve your credit score in 3 easy steps:   Pay on time Even one late payment can have a devastating effect, especially if your credit is generally good. A late payment can lower your score by as much as 75 … Read more Read More
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5 Credit Myth Busters. It Doesn’t Hurt To Know The Truth.

Beware of the many who claim to be credit experts. Here are the most common credit MYTHS…   Myth#1 Checking your own credit report may damage it – The FICO formula does not penalize consumers for pulling their own … Read more Read More