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Grilling Safety Tips. 12 Steps To Fun & Safe Grilling Anytime Of The Year.

Many people enjoy their outdoor grills well into the fall. We've even heard of folks in northern climes who keep their grills going all winter. But there's always a risk of fire with grills, so follow these grilling safety tips.   Grilling Safety Tips   Before Grilling... Only grill outdoors. Never move a grill to a screened porch or garage, even... Read More
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The Omega Diet. 10 Reasons How To Supercharge Your Body & Mind.

The Power Of The Omega Diet. How the omega diet uses Omega-3s to supercharge your health, battle inflammation, keep your mind sharp, and prevent common psychological disorders. Omega-3 fats are vital to your general health. Omega-3 fats are central to proper brain and heart function. They help elevate your mood, combat depression, prevent obesity, improve memory and learning, and enable... Read More
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Thrive Diet. Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, Stay Healthy & Happy.

Stress is harmful to your health and causes many physiological problems. You suffer nutritional stress when you eat non-nutritious, refined, processed foods that require maximum energy to digest.   The Thrive Diet is built on high net-gain foods that are: Eaten raw or cooked at relatively low temperatures. Alkaline-producing to improve the body’s important pH balance (an ideal balance is... Read More
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Ultimate Guide How To Stop Smoking.

Most people do not like the first cigarette they smoke.  Smokers should ask themselves why they smoke and whether they truly enjoy it.  Smoking is not a habit. It is an addiction to nicotine, the world's most powerful drug.  Its so powerful that "just one cigarette" causes quitters to resume smoking. Advertising, movies and TV shows have sold smoking as... Read More
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4 Reasons Why You Should Build A Relationship With Your Pharmacist That Nobody Will Tell You.

4 Reasons to build a relationship with your Pharmacist 1) Avoid using multiple pharmacies Developing a relationship with one pharmacy can help reduce medication errors and adverse drug interactions. Typically patients with different doctors may prescribe multiple medications that may interact or may be unnecessary for you. This is termed polypharmacy, the use of 4 or more drugs by a... Read More
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8 Ways How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Medication Error.

Medical errors can involve surgery, diagnosis, equipment, lab reports, and medicines.  They can happen in any setting in healthcare including hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, nursing homes, pharmacies, and even in patients’ homes. Know how to avoid being a victim. (more…) Read More
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How To Do First Aid. Top 10 Most Common First Aid Mistakes. What To DO And What NOT To Do.

Know how to do first aid. Some cases, it is better to NOT do anything, than to DO something that will do more harm than good. In case of first aid emergencies, here are some tips on what to DO or what NOT to do. (more…) Read More