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Family Caregiver. Taking On Taking Care Of Family.

What is “The Family Caregiver” ? Family caregivers provides legal, health, financial or social assistance in meeting the needs of a relative. Anticipates being the main person who will provide assistance and support when a family member – old or young – loses his or her independence. Helps another person by caring for or assisting their relative or friend. Provides... Read More
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4 Reasons Why You Should Build A Relationship With Your Pharmacist That Nobody Will Tell You.

4 Reasons to build a relationship with your Pharmacist 1) Avoid using multiple pharmacies Developing a relationship with one pharmacy can help reduce medication errors and adverse drug interactions. Typically patients with different doctors may prescribe multiple medications that may interact or may be unnecessary for you. This is termed polypharmacy, the use of 4 or more drugs by a... Read More