Diabetic Shoes From Medicare. Common Conditions Diabetes Care Foot Care Healthy 

Diabetic Shoes From Medicare. 5 Tips On Diabetic Foot Accessories You Never Knew.

1.  WHERE CAN I GET DIABETIC SHOES? Ask shoe fitters about diabetic shoes. These shoes, which may be covered byMedicare’s Therapeutic Shoe Program, can help reduce your potential for foot-related complications.  You should always examine your feet every day for any signs of inflammation, infection, cuts or bruises. If your skin appears dry or cracked, applying skin moisturizer can help.... Read More
Foot Care For Diabetics. Common Conditions Diabetes Care Foot Care Healthy 

Foot Care For Diabetics. 4 Steps How To Take Better Care of Your Feet When You Have Type 2 Diabetes.

Foot Care For Diabetics.   Step #1 : INSPECT Foot Care For Diabetics. Check your feet two times a day, ideally in the morning and at night before you go to bed. Look for anything out of the ordinary, such as areas of redness, blisters, or cuts. If you discover a wound, treat it and cover it with a bandage... Read More
Foot Amputation With Diabetes. 5 Ways How To Prevent Foot Amputation. Common Conditions Diabetes Care Foot Care Healthy 

Foot Amputation With Diabetes. 5 Ways How To Prevent Foot Amputations With Type 2 Diabetes.

How To Prevent Foot Amputation With Diabetes Foot Amputation With Diabetes. Diabetes is the number #1 cause of foot amputations. The following are 5 ways how to take better care of your feet when you have diabetes.   1.  Your Feet & Your Shoes WHY ARE PEOPLE WITH DIABETES AT GREATER RISK FOR FOOT COMPLICATIONS? Even ordinary foot problems can... Read More