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Happy Money. How To Make More Money, And Create Happiness.

“Happy money“ leads to contentment and joy, but “Unhappy money” causes fear, pride or resentment.    “Your money – and hence your life – is a reflection of your beliefs about money.”    9 Lessons Of Happy Honey From Ken Honda. Your relationship with money reflects your relationship to life. Emotions drive your reasons for wanting money.  People with a strong “Money... Read More
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Meaningful Life. 12 Rules To Make The World A Better Place For Yourself And Others.

12 Rules How To Live A Meaningful Life. Rule 1: "Stand Up Straight with Your Shoulders Back” Rule 2: "Treat Yourself Like Someone Who Deserves Your Help”  Rule 3: "Make Friends with People Who Want the Best for You” Rule 4: “Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday, Not to Who Someone Else Is Today” Rule 5: "Do Not Let... Read More
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Grilling Safety Tips. 12 Steps To Fun & Safe Grilling Anytime Of The Year.

Many people enjoy their outdoor grills well into the fall. We've even heard of folks in northern climes who keep their grills going all winter. But there's always a risk of fire with grills, so follow these grilling safety tips.   Grilling Safety Tips   Before Grilling... Only grill outdoors. Never move a grill to a screened porch or garage, even... Read More
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True Happiness. 5 Pillars Of Happiness And How To Improve Your Life.

People must optimize “five essential elements” of their lives for true happiness.   5 Pillars Of True Happiness “Social well-being” – How you find and maintain love and strong social relationships. “Financial well-being” – How you manage your money. “Physical well-being” – How you maintain your health. “Community well-being” – How you integrate with the people around you.   Individuals who try to improve... Read More
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Live Life With Love. Buddah’s 14 Commandments To The Best Life.

How To Live Life With Love. One's most valuable asset in life is good health. One's worst enemy in life is his/her self. One's greatest offering in life is forgiveness. One's worst debt in life is unrequited love. One's worst failure in life is arrogance. One's biggest stupidity in life is his dishonesty and insincerity. One's deepest sorrow in life... Read More
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How To Make Small Talk. How To Build Networking Skills & Leave A Positive Impression.

Conversation with other people is unavoidable. Learn how to make small talk and enjoy it. Small talk skills will help you become a stronger leader, squelch your fear of unfamiliar social situations and boost your confidence. Step out of your comfort zone by taking a risk and "assuming the burden" of carrying on a conversation. First, make eye contact, smile,... Read More
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Why Test Your Blood Sugar Levels With Type 2 Diabetes.

Why is it important to test your blood sugar (glucose) levels?  Once you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes test your blood sugar levels regularly with a meter to help you make choices about your food, physical activity and medications. (8) Keep a record of your results and use them to understand your readings. Take your blood glucose records to your healthcare... Read More
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3 Ingenious Ways How To Travel Like A Boss.

You can score lounge access with a first- or business-class international ticket, with paid membership, or with a credit card that gives you elite status. American Express’s Premier Rewards Gold Card and its Business Gold Rewards Card offer three reward points for every $1 you spend on any airline. Use the reward points to pay for all or part of... Read More
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4 Absolute Guarantees To Save Your Marriage.

The top three issues that cause the most problems in marriages are “money, sex and kids,” although these are very different issues, there is only 4 ways to save your marriage.   4 Secrets to Save Your Marriage Learn how NOT to fight Know how to handle touch issues Follow the fair fighting guidelines Build a mature committed relationship  ... Read More
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How To Build A Better Relationship With Your Partner.

Men and women in relationships share common complaints about the opposite sex. Often, we misunderstand how the opposite sex wants to be loved that is why we should learn how to build a better relationship.   5 Ways How To Build A Better Relationship With a Woman. When a woman shares her problems, she’s seeking empathy, not solutions. When a... Read More