Authentic Leadership For Business In The Modern World. How To Build A Loyal Following.

Authentic Leadership For Business In The Modern World. How To Build A Loyal Following.
Why authentic leaders matter more than ever. How to build a loyal following. 12 authentic leadership for business lessons from Pope Francis.


Why Authentic Leadership For Business Matters More Than Ever.

  • When the world functioned predictably, people felt that “authenticity” meant fulfilling the desire to live according to a set of personal own values and beliefs.
  • Living authentically is more challenging in the 21st century because people don’t reflect on the implications of telling small lies.

How Your Mindset In Authentic Leadership For Business Shapes The Way You Act.

  • To become more authentic, acknowledge that you’ve sometimes acted dishonestly.
  • Consider what would happen if everyone at work took a “truth serum.”
  • Internal and external challenges will test your search for authenticity.
  • Attempt more substantive conversations with your boss and colleagues.
  • Work on building a “growth mind-set,” the idea that you can reach any goals you set.
  • In contrast, if you have a “fixed mind-set,” you think you either have talent or you don’t.

How To Build Self Awareness, Trust, And Authenticity.

  • Seek “selves awareness.”
  • Different stimuli will bring out a variety of inner selves that you can discover and understand as you work on being more authentic.
  • Leaders must prove every day that they deserve trust.
  • Those who authentically acknowledge the possibility that they can make mistakes earn more trust, not less.


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12 Authentic Leadership For Business Lessons From Pope Francis.

  • First, lead from a position of humility.
  • Second, spend time on the front lines.
  • Third, identify with your people. Productive dialogue requires mutual respect.
  • Fourth, embrace the potential of personal and organizational reinvention.
  • Fifth, choose trusted advisers who can help you make good decisions and aren’t afraid to tell you when they think you’re wrong.
  • Sixth, don’t allow insularity to infect your organization.
  • Seventh, be alert, practical and proactive, so your competitors don’t overrun you.
  • Eighth, look like a leader. Understand the politics of your organization so you can resolve conflicts.
  • The ninth lesson: Delegate and trust your people. Don’t micromanage.
  • Tenth, your role as a leader is to serve others.
  • Eleventh, you can’t hide from adversity. Deal with it promptly and decisively.
  • Twelfth, reach out to your customers and to noncustomers, as well.


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